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Diamond Casino Shootout Leads To Harley Cross Capture



Los Santos, San Andreas – Harley “Willow” Cross was apprehended on November 30th, 2022, at approximately 11 pm EST, according to a statement given to Weazel News by the United States Marshal Service (USMS). Cross has since pleaded guilty to a number of charges that have not currently been disclosed. 

She was on the run for a little over nine days where she has allegedly, successfully attacked at least two members of the Department of Justice (DOJ) resulting in members of the DOJ issuing a private bounty. During this time, she’s made multiple appearances on Twitter in an attempt to antagonize law enforcement, members of the DOJ, as well as the general public.

First documented Tweet, November 21st.
Documented Tweet, November 24th.
Documented Tweet, November 25th approx. between 1:00 am and 1:30 am EST.
Harley Taunting Deputy Marshal Oliver McKenzie & Senior Prosecutor Cain Anderson, November 25th.
Harley Taunting Deputy Marshal Oliver McKenzie & Senior Prosecutor Cain Anderson, November 25th.
Documented Tweet, November 27th.
Documented Tweet, November 27th.

On November 30th, 2022… I, Deputy Marshal Oliver McKenzie, was at Eclipse Medical dealing with an unrelated investigation with Detective Amara Krios. During which, Harley Cross called me. Harley had a tendency to call me when she was bored, and wanted to poke fun that she was escaped. She inquired where I was and I told her flat out, “I’m at Eclipse, want to turn yourself in?”. She told me she was just outside of Eclipse. I had asked her to come in, get a meal and drink, and we can chat. Make it easy. She informed me she did not wish to leave her car, and we could talk from there. I informed Detective Krios to grab my cruiser, and drive out front of Eclipse. I then approached Harley and her car and began speaking with her.

At this time, Detective Krios pulled up behind her and informed fellow officers we had visual on Harley and what she was driving. Harley took off and a pursuit began which lead us to Los Santos Freeway, in front of Diamond Casino. At this point, she opened fire upon peace officers, and we were forced to return fire. Once she had stopped firing and was overcome by her injuries, we quickly secured her and began medical treatment and transported her to Eclipse Medical, where her life was saved by the medical staff on hand.

It was a fantastic moment of dedication and teamwork which lead to her capture. This could not have been done without the dedication of the Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas State Police, Major Crimes Division, and San Andreas Parks Department. The Marshals we forever remember this moment. Once Harley has fully recovered from her injuries at an Off-site medical location, she will be sent to an undetermined penitentiary.

Deputy Marshal Oliver McKenzie – USMS
Updated wanted poster for Harley Cross – Provided by the U.S. Marshal Service

While Harley Cross has been apprehended, both Michael Norman and Mace Wood remain at large. The public is urged to not approach these fugitives under any circumstances. If you have any information on the whereabouts of these dangerous individuals please share it with the U.S. Marshal Service via the Major Crimes Division (MCD) tip line.

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