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Paleto’s Unofficial “Mayor” Writes Open Letter To Death Dealers MC



Paleto Bay, San Andreas – Paleto Bay’s unofficial mayor, Sally Nailburry, issued an open letter earlier today regarding the rising conflict between the citizens of Paleto Bay and the Death Dealer Motorcycle Club.

According to residents, the Death Dealers, also known as DDSA, were once valued members of the community. Over time, however, relations between the motorcycle club (MC) and locals have soured. After months of aggression, Paleto Bay inhabitants are seeking to evict the MC from their town.

Violent exchanges are impacting businesses, with a noticeable decrease in customers over several months. Innocent bystanders are often caught in the crossfire of these conflicts, causing many people to avoid the town altogether for their safety. People are weary with theft, harassment, and crime that has risen from the MC’s occupation of Paleto Bay and are looking to bring this ongoing fight to a close.

November 17, 2022

Death Dealers,

While I initially had some desires to speak in person; after being shot at more than once for standing on the roof across from your lot, I’ve decided to stick to a simple letter, as to value my life.

When you first came to us in June about moving into our small town, offering to alleviate the local issues with Remnants MC, we had our reservations. Your reputation at the time wasn’t a good one, but I came to the decision to hold out hope for your group, strongly petitioning your assistance to the PPC despite their pushback. But at this time, I have to admit I regret ever believing in you.

Early on, things seemed to be going well. You all melded into the community rather quickly; taking on jobs, and even holding prospects for your own business ventures. Things were good. Things were respectful. But even with things looking up in a local sense, the reputation your group had across the state was still on par with the serial killers, cultists and cannibals that often started their tirades in our town. While your initial bouts with the Driftwoods, Walkers, Vampires and Skinners may have alleviated some of this attitude, ultimately things didn’t seem to change. The longer you were in Paleto, the more your presence began to be felt.

This presence and subsequent association of the Bay to your group, has gradually discouraged more and more people from coming to our little northern neck of the woods. Business slowed down with time, and complaints to Paleto businesses working events in the city began to increase. I personally have had many customers thank me for selling my goods outside of town and away from the Death Dealers. A gratitude that hurts me to my core as I was likely your strongest local supporter in the beginning.

Recently there was a brief period of a few weeks where your local activity reduced, leaving Paleto
businesses to see a rise in customer-base and profits. More people from the city began visiting town, as more people learned of the reduced Death Dealers presence. This occurance also brought a variety of groups to my doorstep asking if you had folded. It feels as if it’s become clear not just to the local residency of Paleto, but to the majority of the state, just how much your footprint here has hurt us all.

Now I cannot speak on the current events transpiring between your group and the Blackbirds/Ravens, but I will say that I agree with their general sentiment that you need to leave this town, for the sake of Paleto. The longer you stay here, the stronger your blight becomes. While I don’t condone the violence being used,
it’s evident that guns are your chosen language here; my recently bandaged bullet wounds saying all that needs to be said.

Respectfully, I urge you; please leave Paleto Bay. There’s no sense in your decision to stay here and fight for a home surrounded by those soured by your presence and actions. While it may seem like the cool thing for an MC to be hated by its’ community, as portrayed in shows like Sons of Anarchy; this isn’t television, This is a real town struggling to thrive as long as you’re here.

We’ve had some good memories and some fun times, but that’s sadly in the past.

It’s time to make new memories; of our wounded town healing, and of the Death Dealers finding somewhere they more properly belong.


Sally Nailburry

SALLY NAILBURRY – Unofficial Mayor of Paleto

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  1. Nameless Biker

    November 18, 2022 at 12:39 am

    Any MC worth it’s salt would respect the community it claims to protect. If they continue to stay there even with the Paleto citizens living in fear, they’re being a-holes. MCs serve the community, not the other way around.

  2. Titus Rogers

    November 18, 2022 at 12:40 am

    That’s a lot of words, I’m not reading that.

    • Stefford Johnson

      November 18, 2022 at 9:21 am

      The county as a whole has no place for groups like this, community is what we see here and these guys need to buy some glasses.

  3. Danny McFall

    November 18, 2022 at 12:25 pm

    If sally pays me I will come out of retirement and slap DDSA around like the snitch MC they are…

  4. James Lundquist

    November 20, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    It breaks my heart to hear of what’s going on in Paleto, a town that I used to love visiting. What’s worse is knowing that the root of the issue seems to be a group I used to consider myself friendly with. I certainly hope that by the time I return to the city, as I am currently away dealing with issues that need not be discussed here, that these issues come to a resolution.

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