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March Town Hall Updates



DEL PERRO (WZL) — On the 25th the Government held its Monthly Town Hall. Departments each gave their updates; here is a rundown of the agenda.

Executive Branch

  • The State Attorney Vinny Magnanzo Has Resigned. Joanna Poole has been nominated as the replacement.
  • Replacement for Mohn Nash, by executive appointment, is yet to occur
  • Kash Keller (AA) Appointed as the Chief of Staff
  • Transparency Improvements in all departments are underway, more progress still to be made
  • The ‘Good Deeds’ committee has been established with the following members
    • Governor, Lt Governor, Secretary of State
    • Sally Nailburry
    • Meryl Ford
  • The Good Deeds committee is “dedicated to nominating private citizens and public servants who have gone above and beyond in their community”.
  • People who hold an active bar license will be able to become a Public Notaries starting from the 1st; the final parts of the project are being finalized.

Legislative Branch

  • Says they have been ‘productive’
  • A number of bills are still in deliberation
    • H.R’s 095, 097, 102, 104-107
  • Newly elected Representative Audrey Storm (P) has introduced their first bill; the Victims Rights Act of 2022 (H.R. 105)
  • The somewhat controversial San Andreas Security Services Act was passed. However, the executive appointment of both directors/assistant directors failed. 
  • Reminds citizens that Bills are open for 7 days before they can be voted on.

Public Defender Updates

  • Law School is up and running, enrollment applications close on the weekend and before semester begins. The Law School is located at the University.
  • New paralegal bar certified

State Police Announcements

  • As announced earlier in the day, replacing Chris Solace is Commissioner Thad Furtaw (SALP)
  • He is going to start by cleaning up safes that remain on public property
  • The San Andreas State Police has established a task force with the San Andreas Flight Authority. The task force aims to enforce flight laws and regulations more consistently.
  • New project in the works with the Park Rangers for community outreach.

Park Ranger Announcements

  • Visitor center in Paleto to open soon
  • Bike Rentals are available now from the center
  • A cable cart from Paleto to the top of Chiliad has opened, this service is free
  • Reports of attacks in the wilderness is concerning
    • Robberies are mentioned
  • Pet Adoptions: currently via Toe Beans and The Little Tea Pot

Judiciary Updates

  • They are looking into the district courts which will elevate some pressure on the main judicial system. 
  • The Bail Reform Act allows some leniency when it comes to bail. This is being used effectively inside the judiciary.

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