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Stella’s Scoops Volume 65



It’s A Doggy Dog World!

No typo there. The San Andreas Parks Department will and always will be run by the puppers we know as K9. This is at least according to their website on Monday. Visiting their website at the end of the week, I noticed that it looks like all the puppers are back in their kennels, resting after a busy first week of April.

Hot and Sandy Airfield…

The Sandy Shores Airfield experienced an explosion on Thursday. The San Andreas Flight Authority (SAFA) issued a press release on Thursday evening detailing the incident. Not only is the individual who caused the explosion dead, but the damage to structures and equipment is significant. While air traffic has been redirected to the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) and the McKenzie Airport in Grapeseed, you can watch for further updates from us here at Weazel News.

Construction crews stage equipment and materials for the hard work of rebuilding the damaged Sandy Shores Airfield. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

Welcome to the Art World…

Which happens to be inside the Mirage Art Gallery. Mossy Stone and CLOUT partnered together to bring us an exhibition of original work from artists throughout the State of San Andreas. Becks Lawson and Harlow Greene received submissions for the exhibition in late February and early March, and after some curation, the final twelve pieces of art were selected for display. If you missed your chance and are interested in being part of the next exhibition, keep an eye out for an announcement for future chances to submit your art to the gallery.

Stella Day listening to Madeline Vierra talk about her art at the Mirage Art Gallery. (Photo Credit: Liz Barber)

Upcoming Events:

  • April 9th @ 5PM ET: [2024-CM-085] – State of San Andreas v. Larry Tate
  • April 11th @ 6PM ET: Carnage & Remedy Car Show
  • April 11th @ 9PM ET: SAMS Doctor Interest Class
  • April 12th @ 9PM ET: Blood Night Bouts: Championship Qualifiers
  • April 13th @ 11AM ET: Pillbox Medical Nursing Academy
  • April 13th @ 3PM – 5PM ET: SAMS Blood Drive
  • April 13th @ 6PM ET: SAMS Doctor Interest Class
  • April 13th @ 7PM ET: Knock-Out Night
  • April 13th @ 9PM ET: Pillbox Medical Nursing Academy
  • April 14th @ 7PM ET: San Andreas Fire & Rescue First Aid Class

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

We all make silly mistakes sometimes; the only difference is that some mistakes are more deadly than others. Do you ever drive past a gas station and see a very charred car? That can happen when someone drives their vehicle into a gas pump or when someone forgets to turn off their vehicle while refueling. It’s a silly mistake with big consequences. Be careful!

Harlow Greene and Stella Day pretending to be injured from a gas station explosion. (Photo Credit: Liz Barber)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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