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Stella’s Scoops Volume 61



I Am Once Again Sharing This With You…

Only this time, I’m sharing because someone else published a press release. Initially, former Lieutenant Governor Gracie McCoy announced that the Pardon Commission is seeking to fill 1 to 3 private attorney positions with letters of interest sent in by February 9th. Switching to now, Chief of Staff Cian Blackwell is the one looking to fill these positions so that there are 3 to 5 individuals with a valid San Andreas Bar Association License to compose the Pardon Commission. The deadline for sending your letter of interest to Blackwell is March 20th. Take one for the team so there can be a group to pardon people again for pardon reasons.

Speaking of Which…

If you were interested in submitting a letter of interest to become the new State Attorney, you’re too late. The deadline was on Wednesday, March 6th, even though the Office of the Governor only remembered to share that vital information on Tuesday. How silly! It does sound promising that they will be scheduling multiple interviews, which means more than one of you not only made the deadline but are also interested in that position. Good luck to those who made it to the next stage!

Mission Refocus…

McKenzie Enterprises announced in their press release on Wednesday night that they will be changing their mission because as the business evolves, so should their mission. Starting on April 2nd, they will exclusively be providing design services for trading cards and general printing services. They still stop accepting new projects for general designs starting on March 10th, so if you were planning to work with them on getting designs done for like a business card or something, make sure you get the communication for those new projects started now and not later. McKenzie Enterprises has existed since September 2021, so if you’re sad about this change, just remember it’s important to grow and evolve the business just the same way it’s important for us to do the same as human beings.

Explosive vehicles in the McKenzie Enterprises lobby are something you can almost always certainly rely on never changing in this ever-evolving world. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Excessive Problems…

In the past, concerns regarding excessive force by any law enforcement have been brought up in Town Hall. I’ve never been quite sure what really happened afterward. Earlier this week, there was a trial for Roxanne Shephard v. United States Marshal Service, where a marshal shot at Roxanne Shephard for punching officers outside of Vinewood Police Department due to their car being towed for illegal parking. I wasn’t able to attend the trial, but this seemed like a good example of what could happen after excessive force allegations if people choose to take action legally.

Noticed the Campaigning?

That’s because we’re officially in a very short campaign season for a rare Special Election to fill a vacant State Representative seat. Registration ended today, and candidates are welcome to start campaigning until March 15th at 8pm when voting begins. We’ll be seeing Adam Wrangler, Jack Burton, Joseph Dracul, Konrad Knives, and Tommy Legend on the ballots before the end of the week. Just like any other election in the State of San Andreas, it is ranked-choice voting. I’ll be able to do a last-minute reminder to vote in the next Scoops but do try to vote early.

What About the Fish?!

Jack Callow lost more fish than you can count on a boat after the United States Marshal Service (USMS) seized his belongings at the Cyprus Cold Storage facility. USMS spent a long time at the facility, taking trips in and out to transport boxes from the raid. His perfectly good and edible fish probably went bad outside of the freezer and became unsafe for eating since I don’t believe USMS was prepared with large coolers for fish. Jack stored his fish to supply the fish market at the facility, and have spoke to me about his dreams and future of starting his own fish market. I understand how much of a bummer this must be for him since we’re talking about hundreds of fish being wasted. The people over at Shout News are unsure what the cause of the raid was since the warrant remains confidential. I hope one day we’ll get to know why the place was raided and that Jack will get an apology for the loss of his good fish. 

Stella Day holding a cooler outside of the Cyprus Cold Storage facility. (Photo Credit: Liz Barber)

DOJ Say What?

I’ll be honest, I’m so confused about this investigation allegation abuse thing. Shout News published an article earlier in the week about how the USMS is investigating misconduct by the police and prosecutors who handled [2024-CM-057] – State of San Andreas v. Hudson Welsh, Justine Stiletto and Dominic Luca. There’s something about nine counts of attempted first-degree murder and paying $276,000 in bail. Hunt & OHagen’s press release is included in the Shout News’ article. Today, the Department of Justice followed up with their own press release to respond to the allegations against the Department of Justice made public by Hunt & OHagen. There are a lot of words between all these different links so if you can comprehend it, entertain yourself.

Upcoming Events:

  • March 13th @ 9PM ET: Special Election Debates
  • March 15th @ 7PM ET: [2024-CM-060] – State of San Andreas v. Sherif Kareem
  • March 16th @ 3PM ET: Pixies St Patrick’s Day Celebration
  • March 16th @ 8:30PM ET: Bohan & Kokoro Present: Leprechaun Lunacy
  • March 16th @ 9PM ET: Blood Night Bouts: The Prize
  • March 17th @ 12PM ET: [2024-CM-063] – State of San Andreas v. Elsie Shaw
  • March 18th @ 9PM ET: Special Election Results Party

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

I know for a fact that not everyone showers. Some of you are always in a rush; you go from point A to point B, then crash into bed or wherever you lay your head. You don’t have time to go take a shower. Maybe you go for a quick dive in the water when you accidentally waterlog your car and call it “a bath.” If that’s the case, I’d like to recommend to you all that perhaps the least you can do is wash your hands in the bathroom or kitchen regularly. It’s important to keep up with your hygiene or else you may get infections that cause you to slow down in your fast-paced lifestyle. 

Liz Barber, Stella Day, and Saoirse O’Tool washing their hands in the bathroom. (Photo Credit: Erin Murphy)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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