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Stella’s Scoops Volume 59



An Update on Last Week…

We made an update to last week’s Scoops to correct some incorrect information detailed in a press release issued by the State Representative Joanna Poole. Take a look back at Stella’s Scoops Volume 58 for more information.

Sea of Blues…

Saturday night, Tortuga Marine Conservation had their Seaside Soiree at Pearl’s Seafood Restaurant. The beautiful event was decorated with coral reefs and other sea-themed items. A flood of varying hues of blue floated around the venue, contrasting the reds and oranges of flames from the hot dog cart explosions. The food was wonderful, and the music from the performers was entertaining. I really enjoyed the event. Overall, between raffle tickets and admission tickets, the soiree raised roughly $115,000. I asked Harlow about this stuff, and here’s what she shared with me.

“As a not-for-profit in the state of San Andreas, the only money we bring in is from donations & fundraising. All donations and money raised help fund simple things such as DOCL fees, diving equipment, boat and vehicle maintenance, and other small expenses utilized to keep Tortuga running. I planned the Seaside Soiree to kickstart excitement for Tortuga for the new year and hoped to bring in a cushion of funds to put bigger plans in motion, as well as continue to support the Tortuga Adventures we started back in October. Our goal at Tortuga will always be creating unique experiences for the community that inspire people to take a more active role in marine conservation.”

Harlow Greene – Tortuga Marine Conservation
A fire line separates the pleasantry of the Seaside Soiree and the chaos of the hot hot dog carts. (Photo Credit: Buffy Blake-Wren)

Tip Lines Galore…

Hopefully, you know that Weazel News already has a tip line. Whether or not you utilize it, you should also consider tipping the line at Shout News as well.

Maxine is going to share some of the things she saw this week. Take it away, Maxine!

For the Books!

Over a week ago, Harlow Greene from Purple Fantasy reached out to me asking if I wanted to be a part of their ‘school night’ event! The Board of Education (BoE) is still working on trying to strengthen their outreach and build ourselves back up, so I said yes without any hesitation. A bunch of my friends, including one of my librarians, Mak Calhoun, kept me company as the night went on. We sang using horrible impressions of cartoon characters, plotted world domination, and tried convincing Harry Kennedy to do a rap battle. In the end, we registered twenty new cardholders for the San Andreas University Library! With a grand opening planned for sometime soon, I say San Andreas’ future is looking bright!

Maxine Finch and Mak Calhoun in a selfie. (Photo Credit: Maxine Finch)

Mirror Park Pond 2.0…

I had a pretty unremarkable Tuesday for the most part. That was, until the early morning, when I happened to spot police lights flashing across Mirror Park. When I first approached the officers, they were rather hesitant to explain what was going on. After showcasing some of my natural charms, Detective Tao Grima explained to me that someone had run an entire garbage truck into the Mirror Park Pond. They’d called Public Works, but considering how late it was, they’d been unable to get anyone down to clean it up. Therefore, Grima had decided to jump in and get dirty. He’d cleaned for well over thirty minutes as I watched him, and I occasionally leaped in to help and document our progress. His partner, Austin Shepard, eventually jumped in as well.

Harlow Greene speaking with a state trooper at Mirror Park. (Photo Credit: Maxine Finch)

After the sun had risen a little bit, and I had posted some pictures to Yeeter, members of Tortuga Marine Conservation arrived and questioned us on what had happened. Once they saw that the entire park had been graffitied and trash had been dumped, they declared that they’d do an impromptu cleaning a few hours from then. I was unable to attend said cleanup, but considering it’s Tortuga and my travel across that area since then, the park has never looked cleaner.

We’re Burning Up, Baby…

I like the smell of fire, but not so much that I enjoy watching one burn down beloved infrastructure. Earlier this week, I want to say Wednesday, I’d been scrolling through Yeeter when I noticed some talk about a fire happening in the Southside, in some scrapyard alongside South Arsenal Street. When I arrived, the smoke was thick, black, and had risen high, oh-so high into the sky.

I watched with several onlookers as it continued to burn for well over an hour. Eventually, Public Works (PW) arrived to review the integrity of the bridge above the scrap yard; they’d been worried the fire had damaged it in some way. Otherwise, the police and San Andreas Fire & Rescue (SAFR) did not provide any comment (they were unreachable as the fire burned for quite some time, and I had to evacuate due to the smoke and a meeting). They did, however, put out the fire with ease, and there have been no reported injuries at this time. I’m glad.

A lot of fires have been happening in San Andreas these days… It’s concerning to think about. I like thinking, though. Still, hopefully, there isn’t some arsonist running around. Seriously, in San Andreas, it feels like you never know for sure what kinda shit is gonna happen next.

Thank you, Maxine! Now, back to me, Stella.

Town Hall is Never Dull…

Weazel News was present to record this month’s Town Hall at City Hall. The article with the video recording is available for you to watch now. Lucky for me, you can read about the heated controversy regarding the police’s SOPs over at Shout News, so I don’t have to write about the specifics of it. What are your thoughts on the police identifying themselves during an altercation?

February Town Hall attendance. (Photo Credit: Liz Barber)

Are You An Artist?

In partnership with Sally from Sally’s Surf Shop, the San Andreas State Police is hosting an art contest for their upcoming surfboard, which will be displayed at the La Mesa State Police Station for everyone to see. The winning artist will get to choose between receiving a limited edition San Andreas State Police skateboard or $25,000 in cash money.

To enter, you’ll need the surfboard template which can be found here. Once you’ve completed your work of art, make sure to submit your entry by filling out the form before the contest ends on Saturday, March 16.

Upcoming Events:

  • Feb 26th @ 8:30PM EST: [2024-CM-053] – State of San Andreas v. Ket Cadelson
  • Feb 27th @ 5:30PM EST: [2024-CM-052] – State of San Andreas v. Brian Berry
  • Feb 29th @ 9PM – 11PM EST: Eric Olson’s Leap Year at the Pier 
  • March 1st @ 9PM EST: The Pharaoh’s Curse Movie Premiere
  • March 2nd @ 5PM EST: HFS Drift Meet
  • March 2nd @ 10PM EST: Saucy Saturday’s Lowrider Meetup
  • March 3rd @ 6PM EST: Ohana Car Wash Block Party

Stella’s Recommendation of the Week…

Inspired by a complaint at Town Hall, don’t be an a-hole. It feels to me that a lot of conflicts in this state come from someone somewhere being a bit of a sausagehead. My recommendation is that everyone should take a few moments a day to consider how their actions and attitudes may affect how others feel and respond. Perhaps even think before you act. The fewer sausageheads there are, the less a-holery the rest of the state has to deal with.

Stella Day makes a heart with her hands and stares off towards the camera. (Photo Credit: Harlow Greene)

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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