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Winter 2023 Elections

GO VOTE! Time For San Andreas To Pick Their Next Governor

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No matter what your reason is, GO VOTE! (Song by Lulu Moon)

Not sure if you’ve heard, but voting for the winter election has begun. Starting at 8pm (ET) yesterday, January 8, citizens are able to cast their vote for who they want to represent them in the San Andreas Executive. Voting closes on the 12th of September at 8pm (ET). Be sure to take a look back through our Winter 2023 Election coverage for more information if you’re not sure who’s running. Additionally, Weazel News was at the Vinewood Bowl to broadcast the gubernatorial debate for those of you who couldn’t attend in person.

How does the Election Work?

Voting in the state of San Andreas operates under a different principle than other states. We use single transferable vote (STV) which allows you to vote for the candidates in order of preference. The candidate in the first box is your most preferred candidate. You can rank all the candidates in order, but this is not a requirement for voting.

If your first preference comes last, your vote will transfer to your second preference. This process repeats until all the seats are filled or if a candidate you have preferred reaches the required quota to be elected. Still confused? Here is a fun video explaining it all, and if you want to learn more, you can watch this follow up video as well.

That being said, this election season is a bit different from previous elections. This time around we’re only voting between two governor candidates. On your ballot you’ll mark down whether you’re voting for Key-McCoy or Lawson-Finch.

Pretty simple, right? No other tough decisions to make as “The Representative Candidates automatically win their seats as there are only 5 candidates running which will fill the 5 available seats. As such they will not be placed on the ballot.” per the Winter State Election Information announcement provided to the public.

How do I vote?

The Weazel News team votes at City Hall (Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)

Alright, voting time. In this state, voting is conducted at City Hall. If this is your first time voting in San Andreas, don’t worry, you’re already registered to vote! Voting takes place at City Hall in the lobby.

To vote, you will need to approach the polling assistants behind the white tables. You can find them by turning right from the entrance of the lobby area, towards the courthouse side of the building.

Citizens voting at Rockford City Hall (Photo Credit: Jacobi Burkes)

The polling assistants will hand you a ballot. You will need to fill out that ballot, submit it appropriately in order for you vote to be cast, and that’s it! You have just voted in the General Election.

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