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Op-Ed: Constitutional Crisis – Courting Catastrophe

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Notice: This op-ed was written by an anonymous citizen.
Op-Eds are contributed to Weazel News by members of the public and/or political figures and do not represent the opinions of our editorial board.

The great state of San Andreas is a wildly beautiful and simultaneously horrifying place. It is filled to the brim with all manner of order and chaos, light and darkness. Where one life ends, another begins. How does anyone function with such polar opposites? A social contract, of course.

The forefathers of the great United States of America, and the State of San Andreas, knew that mankind would inevitably have its quibbles and quarrels with one another. Knowing this eventuality, they set out to build upon the very earth the foundations of a functioning society, one which the vast majority of the citizens who call San Andreas home willingly partake in.

The Constitution of San Andreas is one such foundation – it guides other processes and procedures which allow our State to function as it does. Everything from picking up a UBI cheque at the bank to filling up with gas in our cars to foodstuffs in our bellies relies on well oiled, well functioning machine.

When our cars break, we take them to the mechanic. When our bodies break, we take ourselves and our loved ones to the doctor.

But when our constitution is broken, there appears to be no recourse, merely the illusion of one.

We speak of course, of the Supreme Court of San Andreas and the current Seventh Legislature of San Andreas, a body mired in red tape, delay, and non-communication. One need only look to the Bills of Law and the dockets to see the writing on the wall, plain as day – the upper body of our government does not function as it should.

When issues with laws are presented, the Supreme Court refuses timely action. When Bills need to be re-written, repealed, or otherwise amended, the Legislature drags its heels in favour of the age old adage – “Someone Else’s Problem”. One would think that in a free and democratic society, that any risk of collapse to that institution would be taken seriously.

We ask – who watches the watchers? A question as old as civilized society itself. Corruption has been seen before in San Andreas. Are we once again seeing its shadowy tentacles wrapping itself around our current siting bodies? Is inaction merely a lack of expertise, energy, or interest? Or is something more sinister afoot?

We look to the myriad of cases on the Supreme Court docket as one example: there are notable examples where citizens of this great state are, effectively due to inaction, deprived of a fair and timely due process of law – something which is guaranteed by the Constitution. Or so we were lead to believe.

We look to the myriad Bills which have flown through the Legislature, many passed, some vetoed, and others in deliberation. Some contradict each other. Others are ambiguous and lend themselves to scrutiny. Such is the way of law at times. But it is when there are holes one could drive through for hours on end with a school bus on steroids, that it is clear there is a crisis brewing.

So, what are we to do? Of course, in a free and democratic society we lend our voices questions, to process, to procedure. We ask, in respectfully hushed volumes of voice, for our grievances to be heard. We push, and press, and discuss, and even argue…

But silence has been the most recent answer.

Silence has become the default.

Silence has become the law of the land, cowing those who would object, lest they incur the wrath of the watchers.

Election season is around the corner, fellow citizens. Remember those who do nothing to protect your rights. Remember those who sit on their fat thrones, pretending to govern. Remember those who listen not to the people, but wave a hand dismissively.

We always remember.

We are never silent.

We are becoming louder.

It is time for you to become louder, San Andreas. From the rooftops, the streets, the grasses, hills and plains – it is time to be HEARD.

Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it does, until such a time as those who do nothing have been held to account in the great ledger of justice.

We are watching the watchers. Until there is change, we will not let up the pressure.

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