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Stella’s Scoops Volume 19



PW Court…

Earlier this week, I attended Judge Andy’s PW Court at Public Works HQ. While I’m completely sure what the case was about, there was a good-sized audience watching a non-legally binding trial go down. One of the memorable quotes includes, “I don’t have eyes on the back of my head… despite being female.” Thank you, Zelda Street, for the quote. Eddie Euckland made a good point that because we all live in Los Santos, “we’re all emotionally numbed to bullets, not immune.” For one question, Samual Davidson chose to plead the fifth and said “whatever that means” while under oath. The verdict at the end of the PW court case was that the individuals needed to host a picnic together and invite all of PW. I hope it goes well.

Judge Andy’s PW Court at Public Works HQ. (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Skrrrt skrrrrt! Maxine Finch from Weazel News here. I’m taking over the Scoops for this week. Stella went off on a secret mission and let me be Stella for the week, so everything in the rest of this week’s Scoops is written by me, Maxine. Yay!

Wine on Fire

Sapphire Falls Vineyard during investigation. (Photo Credit: Annie Wren-Laws)

The Sapphire Falls Vineyard was engulfed in a blazing inferno this past Wednesday, May 17th, sparking a full-fledged investigation by the Major Crimes Division (MCD). While initial reports suggested fireworks, recent rumors have surfaced, indicating a potential act of bombing or arson. Weazel News has caught wind of speculations linking a certain individual to the attack, but without concrete proof, this remains an ongoing investigation. With the possibility of activism or a private, violent enforcement of personal beliefs, there are numerous angles to explore. Here’s hoping that Becks Lawson and her dedicated employees can swiftly resume their work with minimal disruption!

Rest assured, Weazel News will keep the public informed as verified information emerges and the investigation progresses. Presently, there is no indication of another attack looming over the region. However, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and watch out for one another out there. After all, San Andreas has a knack for attracting the wildest of individuals.

Journalism on the Rise

We’re experiencing an exhilarating surge of brand-new journalist companies setting up shop in our city, alongside the glorious comeback of some long-standing favorites! The beloved Los Santos Diatribes, after a lengthy hiatus, made its triumphant return on April 12 and has been delivering a steady stream of captivating articles ever since. Meanwhile, the ever-reliable Useless News, known for its close association with the Edgerunners MC, has been diligently covering local affairs and maintaining a strong presence at both exclusive and community-driven events. The Daily Globe has also just launched, with CEO Chelsea Lafayette starting strong with the release of three articles within two days (all by herself too! Go Chelsea go!). 

There is also word on the street that some more secretive news sources are appearing. One causing a little bit of controversy appears to be Will-O’-Wisp. At this exact moment of writing, both of which appear to be two articles, both of which touch upon more sensitive topics and personal incidents. While slightly more tabloid than those mentioned prior, the writing is rather good.

The last appears to be involved with a group called the RaSCaLZ, with several official pieces already on the street! Watchout for their War Correspondences and keep up with their work!

Weazel welcomes and re-welcomes all these journalists! Let’s get it done!

Remembering Chris Price

(Photo Credit: Lexie Fields)

Sheriff Chris Price, a revered figure in our community, was laid to rest this past Saturday at the solemn and hallowed grounds of Hill Valley Church. The air was heavy with a mix of grief, respect, and gratitude as friends, family, and fellow law enforcement officers gathered to bid their final farewell to a dedicated servant of justice.

Though Sheriff Chris Price may be physically gone, his spirit lives on in the memories, the stories, and the enduring impact he made on the lives of those he protected. As we reflect on his legacy, let us honor his memory by carrying forward the values he championed and by continuing to work together to build a safer and stronger San Andreas. Rest in peace, Sheriff Price. Your watch may have ended, but your legacy will forever endure.

The investigation of the incident that led to death is still ongoing. Liam Cavanagh has received a nomination from Governor Avery for the position of Sheriff of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. He was confirmed by the 7th Congress on Wednesday last week and sworn in the next day, May 18, by Associate Justice Corina Wickin. May he lead by example.

Let’s Get This Party Started

KOKORO’s House Warming Party flyer. (Flyer Credit: KOKORO)

The longingly waited studio for the KOKORO Music label has arrived! We’re talking top-notch sound systems, killer mixing boards, and mad high-tech recording gear. This place will be where the magic happens, where the beats drop, and where the hottest tracks are cooked up. KOKORO is looking forward to inviting all and anyone interested to check out later this week with a House Welcoming Party! Hopefully we’ll all get a look before it’s too late!

Upcoming Events

  • May 22nd @ 3PM ET: KOKORO Night at Galaxy Nightclub
  • May 22nd @ 10PM ET: Petal Thorne & Derrick Carter’s Wedding Reception (open to the public)
  • May 25th: Hanging Gardens’ 2 Year Anniversary
  • May 26th @ 8PM ET: KOKORO House Warming Party
  • May 26th @ 9PM ET: BLOOD NIGHT BOUTS: Championship Qualifiers
  • May 27th @ 9PM ET: Retro Drive-In Night with Pop’s Diner, VU, and Vixen Cabaret
  • May 27th @ 10:30PM ET: XR: The Second Coming
  • May 28th @ 9PM ET: Tortuga Yacht Party
  • May 28th @ 5PM ET: Corner Pocket Single Elimination Tournament

 Maxine’s Recommendation of the Week…

Flying High building located in Tongva Valley. (Photo Credit: Niko McReary)

I’ve got a hot local tip for you. There’s this dude out in Tongva Valley, right on Tongva Drive (you know, by the Flying High Building…), who’s selling some floaties and beach gear! Now, I know it might not be groundbreaking, but it does bring out your inner child. Plus, it’s cheap.

The man’s got water balloons selling at twenty bucks for a pack of twenty, water pumps (you know, the ones you use to fill up those water balloons) going for fifty, and those famous beach ring floats are a steal at twenty-five dollars. They’re perfect for some aquatic fun, but hey, remember to keep ’em in the water, okay? We don’t want to contribute to the plastic problem. That stuff takes ages to break down.

So, I recommend going ahead and having a blast and buying some floaties! Go crazy, go stupid!

Have a Stella Day and a hardcore night, San Andreas!

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