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Spring 2023 Elections

Breaking: Governor Starr Announces Withdrawal From State Rep Race

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Los Santos, San Andreas – In a surprising turn of events, Governor Richard Starr has announced his withdrawal from the State Representative race to return to the San Andreas Security Services (SASS) department. Governor Starr was previously the Director of SASS before he was elected Governor and is now eager to work with the department once again.

The news of Governor Starr’s exit from the State Representative race removes significant opposition in the Spring 2023 election. With less than 24 hours until polls open, how will this affect the election results? Many believed that Governor Starr was a shoo-in for the position of State Representative, given his political experience and track record in his two terms as Governor.

Richard Starr’s SASS Badge Photo (Photo Credit: Richard Starr)

However, his desire to help where he feels he can make the most significant difference outweighs any political ambitions he may have. Weazel News asked Richard Starr if he had any advice to share with the rest of the candidates, and he had the following wisdom to share:

“Do what they think is right and don’t do anything for personal gain. Do what they believe helps the citizens of San Andreas. That’s what they’re there for.”

Richard Starr

The Governor also confirmed he plans to take some time for himself before diving into his next role. Regardless, it is clear that Starr’s return to SASS will be a major boost for the department.

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