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Election results are in

The election results party was broadcasted to citizens of Los Santos on Monday. The top 5 candidates get the pleasure of helping to run the state. There was a close tie at the end of round 4 with a roughly 1,000-vote difference between Milo Tello and Smokey Bones. With that, the winners of the Winter Election are Ryan “RyRy” Avery, Jimmie Dimmick, Norman Wren, Damien Key, and Smokey Bones. The 6th Congress Inauguration took place at the Vinewood Bowl yesterday, and the 6th Congress, Lt. Governor, and Governor were all sworn in, minus RyRy who couldn’t make it. If you missed watching the inauguration live, you can watch it here. You can find our new State Representatives in the Fed Finder app now. 

(Photo Credit: Stella Day)

Call the nurses

San Andreas Medical Services (SAMS) hosted another two days of the nursing academy. I could be wrong, but it feels like these happen a lot. Is there a nursing shortage that I’m not aware of? Either way, we probably need more nurses at Pillbox since there are shootings all the time. We can use all the help we can get. They have employment opportunities upon successful completion so maybe give that a shot if you’re interested in employment, the medical field, or both.

New music from Bohan

Bohan had their artist showcase on Tuesday, featuring new songs from Jason Tanners and Piper Riggs. Candi Kaine, Velma Piper, and Konrad Knives also performed alongside a new artist, SILV3R, who made their performance debut that night. SILV3R shared with Weazel that they will be releasing a single very soon. If you’re like me and can’t get enough good local music, you can catch these and many other great artists on Los Santos Underground Radio.

SILV3R performing at Bohan (Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)

In Case You Missed It…

Public Works headquarters got a makeover with the new season. This season’s theme looks to be a mix of medieval and fantasy. I haven’t caught the official name of the season yet, but it’s just as chaotic, if not more than the previous two seasons. Go check out the place if you haven’t already because it’s pretty cool.

Modern jousting

McKenzie Enterprise has once again hosted its Ventoso Jousting event where you can kick people off their little scoots as a sport. I still haven’t attended one of these yet, but based on our previous coverage published back in November, I expect this event to make another return, so I’ll get my chance one day. For this time, the top three winners were Reggie Miller in first place, Lucas Lloyd in second place, and Randy Thompson and Alexandra Higashiyama tied for third place. GG to the other participants.

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Swizz)

We are never safe

In case you forgot, this state isn’t always the safest place. The Whisperers are out and about mostly targeting government officials and potentially you. The Office of the Governor issued a press release earlier this week about the situation. It’s brief, vague, and gets to the point. The point is that everyone should remain calm and use caution, such as not being alone. You should also be careful of what you touch and consume because the Whisperers use arsenic to poison people, but you can’t rule out that they aren’t using other substances to poison victims. Based on the message they gave Weazel, it seems like they’re doing all this because this city is too loud for them. Whether or not you choose to be quiet, we will find out more about this when the Whisperers are caught. For now, stick with a friend, watch your food intake, and go to the hospital if you don’t feel like yourself. The Major Crimes Division’s tip line is always available if you have tea to spill.

Blood, blood, blood!

Hawkins Hideout had its Blood Rave where people got a discount on their entry fee if they donated blood to the Eclipse Blood Drive (Are they still called Eclipse or Pillbox now?). I’ve been seeing a lot of events with a blood drive which is great! On a Pillbox flyer, they wrote:

“Blood donation is important because it helps to ensure the blood supply is readily available for people who need it due to injury, illness, or surgery.”

Pillbox Medical Center Poster
Blood Rave at Hawkins Hideout (Photo Credit: Stella Day)

I think it’s great that we live somewhere with frequent blood drives allowing us to help one another, even if it’s indirectly. I already said this earlier, but there are shootings all the time, so it’s important for us to have plenty of blood supply in case of anything. I expect there’ll be more opportunities for us to donate blood in exchange for a discount at various events. It’s a good incentive and shouldn’t cause too much trouble. 

If you want to give your blood in exchange for nothing, SAMS will be happy to suck that red juice out of you at the Lunar New Year celebration (more on that later). Organ donation sign-ups will also be available at the event, but you probably won’t get a discount from doing that, just more XP if you don’t die.

What’s Bifta?…

Remember the Bofa jokes? This was my attempt at making one. Anyway, have you heard of the Edgerunners? They’re a new group making themselves known in Chumash, and they just hosted the Bifta battles on Friday, where the first-place winner scored a Maxell Vagrant. The start of the event was a bit rough, but they managed to get sanctioned by Lt. Governor Adrian Jax. When I spoke with Virgil Bogard, who is in charge of the Edgerunners, he told me that there were three races with six drivers each, and the top two drivers from each race moved on to the fourth race to determine the first, second, and third place drivers. Virgil also said, “Can you mention I’m a crime teacher?” followed by, “I will be known as crime teacher extraordinaire” before our call ended. On Twitter, Virgil Bogard shared that the next event for the Edgerunners will be a demo derby, so be on the lookout for that!

(Photo Credit: Timotheus Keng of Edgerunners)

Twitter beef

Honestly, a lot keeps happening on Twitter, and I have no idea what almost everything is about. There’s so much to read, and it happens so fast. Sometimes the drama will sandwich an ad or a photo of a war. I get so confused! If anyone feels like it, you can text me a quick summary of each notable crisis, situation, or whatever you want to label it. I will try to listen.

So much music this week

Sometimes, we need to sleep in on weekends, and sometimes we come barging out of our apartments, cars, bushes, or corners to show the weekend who’s boss. Yesterday, my friend, Rhylee, and other fellow citizens of Los Santos started their weekend being serenaded by Nick Hulkenstein at his Toe Beans performance. During the show, Nick told the audience to “chase your dreams, don’t be memes.” Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves during the eight songs he performed, and the turnout looked great. Hours earlier, Damien Daniels and Zavvi hosted a pop-up show at the Sunrise Club. Perhaps this was a practice show for the upcoming concert experience on Sunday, the 29th. Either way, there was so much music this week!

(Photo Credit: Rhylee Finke)

Craft Bar Got Talent?

Craft Bar & Eatery is doing an open mic night on the 20th. You have a few days to prepare. Maybe I’ll see you there?

New home for something Wicked

Wicked Motors welcomed customers at their grand re-opening event as they moved into their new location in Vespucci. To celebrate the occasion, they held a car show and a raffle for a one-of-one Obey 3F-DD. Enzo Franchenzzo won first place, Lara Ripley won second place, and Astrid Slinger won third place in the car show. The 3F-DD is now owned by lucky Dew Glass. Congratulations to all the winners! If you need any repairs or want to make your car prettier, make sure you stop by Wicked Motors for their same great service.

(Photo Credit: Serena Valentine)

Red Rabbit is at it again

You might’ve seen some red posters posted throughout the city. It looks like the Red Rabbit will be out doing games again on Friday night after being in hiding for months. You can win some cash money if you win. Good luck!

Two BIG weekends coming up

There’s going to be the Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by SAMS Pillbox Hospital, KOKORO, and Ronin Records on January 21st and 22nd. They’re splitting the two days, with one label performing on Saturday and the other one performing on Sunday. You’ll probably want to attend on both days to max out your fun-o-meter. 

Lunar New Year Celebration Poster

And then for the following weekend, we’re going to be celebrating Princess Robot Bubblegum on a grander scale than last year. January 28th will be the day of the San Andreas Comic Convention, so be on the lookout for more details. I know their signups are still open if you’re interested in getting involved. Last but not least, Damien Daniels is having his concert experience at Sunrise Club on the 29th, which will close out the last weekend of January. Mark your calendars and check Twitter for details!

San Andreas Comic Convention

Have a Stella Day and a Hardcore Night, San Andreas!

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