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Weazel Choice Awards: Voting Begins!



The nominations were decided upon by the people, and now the people will vote on who is the best of each category! Want to vote and show your support for your favorite businesses and people in San Andreas? Head over here to cast your vote. Nominees are listed below and voting ends November 26th.

Note: Not all nominations made the cut as some were to niche to make up any form of competition. If you find yourself on this list and wish to be removed please reach out to Erin Murphy, Karmen McKenzie, or Wyatt McKenzie via direct emails.

Best Tattoo Artist

  • Alessa DeFrank, Mad Tatters
  • Anabelle Devlin, Inkdigenous Tattoo
  • Delilah Zametti, The Pit Tattoo Studio
  • Inola Silvertail, Inkdigenous Tattoo
  • Larry Tate, Black Lotus Tattoo
  • Remington Steele, The Pit Tattoo Studio
  • Sky Hunnicutt, Wayward Ink

Best Tattoo Parlor

  • Black Lotus Tattoo
  • Inkdigenous Tattoo
  • Mad Tatters
  • The Pit Tattoo Studio
  • Wayward Ink

Best Bar or Distillery

  • 4leaf Distillery
  • Brimstone Brewing Co
  • Cockatoos Nightclub
  • Craft Bar and Eatery
  • Hornbills
  • Hawkins Hideout
  • The Hanging Gardens
  • The Hub
  • The Worlds End Pub

Best Coffee & Dessert Supplier

  • Black Hawk Coffee Company
  • Caked Up
  • Corner Donuts
  • Stella Melon
  • The Little Teapot, Tea & Coffee House

Best Drink

  • Badge Bunny, Craft Bar and Eatery
  • Game Over Shot, Shadowcade
  • Clawfee, Pearl’s Seafood Restaurant
  • The Cheap Date, Vanilla Unicorn

Best Restaurant

  • Bento
  • Burgershot
  • Cock N Bull Tavern
  • La Linterna
  • Mise En Place
  • Pearl’s Seafood Restaurant
  • Pop’s Diner
  • Reese’s Pizza
  • Salieri’s Bar
  • The Seaside Lotus
  • Toe Beans Cat Cafe

Best Music Artist

  • aiko!
  • Andres “Zavvi” Zavala
  • CC2x
  • Damien Daniels
  • Dre K 47
  • Fuego
  • Grimm
  • Jason Tanners
  • Konrad Knives
  • Lola Amante
  • Luci
  • Lulu Moon
  • Mill$
  • Mr. Plimmft
  • Mykie
  • The Winkler
  • Tomi
  • Zavvi Zavala

Best DJ

  • Darnell Whitescale
  • DJ Iris (DJ Siri)
  • DJ Spector
  • DJ Spooky Hernandez

Best Entertainment Company

  • Bohan T&M
  • Los Santos Underground Radio

Best Place to Go Dancing

  • Bombshells
  • Brimstone Brewing Co (Thursday Nights)
  • Hawkins Hideout (Metal Monday)
  • Purple Fantasy
  • The Hub

Best Place for Events and Partying

  • Cockatoos Nightclub
  • Cream Pie
  • Hardcore Comic Store
  • Hawkins Hideout
  • Hornbills
  • Magic and Deers
  • Mise En Place
  • Pipe Down
  • Sapphire Falls Vineyard
  • Shadowcade
  • The Hub
  • Vanilla Unicorn

Best Customer Service

  • Benny’s Motorworks
  • Burgershot
  • Express Cab Services
  • Full Send Repair
  • Hardcore Comic Store
  • Hood Mart
  • Hornbills
  • Merryweather Security Services
  • Mise En Place
  • Original Clothing
  • Paleto Customs
  • Plutus Financial
  • Pop’s Diner
  • Premium Cutz
  • Purple Fantasy
  • Remmington’s Fine Gifts & Jewlery
  • Raven Repair
  • Sally’s Surf Shop
  • Skywheels
  • Styx Funeral Service
  • The Hanging Gardens
  • The Little Teapot, Tea & Coffee House
  • Vespucci Security
  • Zimports

Best Law Firm

  • Hunt & OHagen
  • Murdank & Ass., LLP
  • The Corranado Group

Best Overall Service

  • Benny’s Motorworks
  • Drake Aviation
  • Express Cab Services
  • Kraut & Sons
  • Merryweather Security Services
  • Paleto Customs
  • Purple Fantasy
  • Remington Fine Gifts and Jewelry
  • Styx Funeral Service
  • Valkyrie Luxury Transport
  • Vespucci Security

Best Photographer

  • Chase Dane
  • Karly Stark
  • Rosalind Mercer
  • Sally Nailburry

Best Place to Work

  • Express Cab Services
  • Hardcore Comics Store
  • Pop’s Diner
  • Purple Fantasy

Best Sports Organization

  • Blood Night Bouts
  • Bruiser’s Gym
  • Momentum

Best Trainer

  • Dean Hunt, Bruiser’s Gym
  • Kathleen Tickler, Bruiser’s Gym
  • Tommy Legend, Bruiser’s Gym

Best Customs and Tuner Mechanic

  • Charlie Marlow, Benny’s Motorworks
  • Daniel McColm, Ronnie’s Custom Choppers
  • Dante Delgato, Benny’s Motorworks
  • Duke Browning, Skywheels
  • Eddie Bones, Paleto Customs
  • Evie Carter, Wicked Motors
  • Inola Silvertail, Paleto Customs
  • Isaac Storm, Wicked Motors
  • Nick Murray, Paleto Customs

Best Car Salesperson

  • Akira Takashi, PDM Premium Deluxe Motorsport
  • Alan Haribo, Mosley’s Auto
  • April Davis, Bergowitz Backcountry Autos
  • Autumn Hudson, Benefactor
  • Cooper Bergowitz, Bergowitz Backcountry Autos
  • Daphne Valentino, Mosley’s Auto
  • Igor Vasov, Benefactor
  • Jacob Hernendez, Mosley’s Auto
  • Jessica Valentino, PDM Premium Deluxe Motorsport
  • Monique Rodney-Lopez. Mosley’s Auto
  • Skipper Continelli, PDM Premium Deluxe Motorsport

Best Wear and Tear Mechanic

  • Duke Browning, Raven Repair
  • Eddie Bones, Raven Repair
  • Ezekiel McDaniel, Full Send Repair
  • Salem Pierce, Full Send Repair

Best Customs and Tuner Shop

  • Auto Exotic Fixing Station
  • Benny’s Motorworks
  • Front Runner: Tuner Shop
  • Heroes Garage
  • Paleto Customs
  • Ronnie’s Custom Choppers
  • Skywheels
  • Wicked Motors

Best Wear & Tear

  • Cook’s Automotive
  • Full Send Repair
  • Harmony Repair
  • Raven Repair

Best Dealership

  • Benefactor
  • Bergowitz Backcountry Autos
  • Handlebar Haven
  • Mosley’s Auto
  • PDM Premium Deluxe Motorsport

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