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Street Beefs

What’s cooking at Street Beefs 11?



June 15, 2022

After a 1 week hiatus, Street Beefs is back! 8 more competitors entered to try and win 10 thousand dollars. Among a crowd of new and experienced competitors we have two former two-time champions looking to score the hattrick; let’s see how they did!

Round 1

Finley O’Sullivan Vs Leon Saging

In the opening bout of the night, we have two-time champion Finley O’Sullivan facing off against experienced street fighter and adopted son of showrunner Nigel Jones, Leon Saging. Both men had clearly missed Street Beefs dearly, bringing the action hard and fast to kick off the show and get the crowd excited. This high energy may have been the downfall of the former champion, as Leon managed to back him into a corner and knock him down into a car. Victory soon came after, and the crowd was left shocked to see O’Sullivan, whom many had slated to win this week, go out in the first round. (Leon Wins – KO)

A shocking upset victory for Leon

Blake Fisher Vs Cowboy

Newcomer Cowboy takes on frequent fighter Blake Fisher. Not much is known about cowboy apart from his cowboy hat, cowboy boots and tendency to shout real hard whenever he gets hit. Despite his frequent moans, Cowboy brought the pain and overwhelmed Fisher with a flurry of strikes. Deep into the fight desperation took over Blake and he resorted to stomping, but it was too little too late and he was knocked out. After the fight, showrunner Ronan McFall reminded the crowd that Blake has yet to win a single fight in Street Beefs; maybe next week will be the one! (Cowboy Wins – KO)

Blake dodges a high elbow from Cowboy, but couldn’t follow up

Don Vs Bobby

The third fight of the opening round was declared as an Akuma Showdown by the crowd, and what a showdown it was! This fight had members of the crowd betting with each other on who the winner would be. Many anticipated that Don would have an advantage with his Protective body armor, but covering your body won’t make any difference when your opponent is aiming for the head!  Don found himself trapped in the corner and unable to fend off Bobby, who helped some members of the crowd go home with extra cash from that victory. (Bobby Wins – KO)

Don stands over his Fellow Akuma in victory

Imogen Fox Vs “Notorious” Bosco Murphy

Two high profile fighters faced off in the final fight. Infamous Gangster Rapper Bosco Murphy took on two-time champion Imogen Fox, formerly known as Maxis Taylor. Before the fight started, Bosco explained his desire to not fight Imogen due to her “doing stretches and shit … looking like a proper professional fighter” but he went through with it and both fighters delivered a lot of exciting offense. Bosco knew he was at a disadvantage and quickly resorted to stomping Imogen at the first opportunity he got. This may have turned out to be a mistake, however, as this gave Imogen an excuse to stomp back and really ramp up the offense. She knew from past Street Beefs fights that if your opponent is going to fight dirty, you may as well return the favor. This philosophy rang true tonight, and Bosco was left on the ground. (Imogen  Wins – KO)

Imogen celebrates her victory over Bosco

Round 2

Leon Saging Vs Cowboy

A tough fight for both men in the first of two second round matchups. Cowboy hit hard while Leon hit fast, and both men dodged very well. Leon looked like he had something to prove to his adoptive father tonight as every strike from Cowboy seemed not to phase him one bit, while each hit from Leon yielded a scream of pain until eventually the concrete shut Cowboy up. (Leon Wins – KO)

Cowboy gets wrangled by Leon

Bobby Vs Imogen Fox

Another tricky and hard-hitting affair for both competitors! Bobby gained a lot of support with his first round victory, but many other members of the crowd wanted to see Imogen be the first fighter in Street Beefs history to win three shows. The competitors took turns appearing to be overwhelmingly on top, trapping each other in the corner or up against a wall, but eventually one large strike from Imogen sent Bobby crashing to the ground. She bided her time and waited for the perfect opportunity to pave her way into the finals! (Imogen Wins – KO)

Bobby is sent head-over-heels by a huge blow from Imogen

Final Fight

Imogen recovers from the initial cheapshot and hits Leon in the back of the head

Imogen Fox Vs Leon Saging

“All that’s in her way now is a bloke that looks like a banana”, showrunner Ronan McFall stated before this fight got underway. Leon appeared to know that he was outmatched before the fight even started, distracting Imogen by saying “look, a dinosaur!” and sprinting up to her for a cheapshot, but Imogen quickly turned it around and overwhelmed Leon with a flurry of offense. Leon got the occasional hit in, but it was not anywhere near enough to prevent the repeat champion from achieving the hat trick! (Imogen Wins – KO)

Leon fails to brace himself for an incoming strike from Imogen

Imogen poses for a victory photo with Showrunners Ronan McFall and Nigel Jones, but they had other ideas… 

Another week and another exciting show! Congratulations to Imogen on making Street Beefs history as a three-time champion. Keep your eyes on your news feed for the results of next week’s show!

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