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Spring 2022 Elections

It’s Election Time – Spring 2022



It’s Election Time, where we all get to listen to the candidates explain why we should elect them into their respective offices. 

Elections here happen differently to the rest of the United States. Instead of electing one candidate per seat we choose five representatives from the entire group of candidates to elect to office. This is known as a Multi-Seat Ranked Choice vote, or the Hare–Clark electoral system. We also pick a Governor Candidate in a Ranked Choice vote. The Lieutenant Governor is not directly elected, but comes with the winning Governor Candidate.

When elected the winners will all serve a 4-ish month term. 

In San Andreas we have Independent candidates and candidates from political parties, these are the current political parties;

  • Progress Party, abbreviated as (P)
  • Liberty Party of San Andreas, abbreviated as (SALP)
  • Anti-Authority Party, abbreviated as (AA)
  • San Andreas Not a Political Party Party, abbreviated as (NAPP)

Here is what we know about each of the parties:

The Progress Party of San Andreas is the biggest party in the legislature holding ⅗ of the seats, meaning they have enough representatives to pass bills without assistance.

Founded in 2022 by Becks Lawson, the party intends on “Creating a San Andreas That works for Everyone.”

Their core focus policies are:

  • Housing and Crisis Recovery
  • Law and Judicial Reform
  • Creating job infrastructure

The Progress Party has three sitting representatives

  • Becks Lawson (P)
  • Audrey Storm (P)
  • Jordan Malone (P)

Secretary of State Wyatt Diaz is also a member of the Progress Party

The Liberty Party of San Andreas is the second biggest sitting party in the Legislature with ⅕ of the seats. They were previously known as the ‘Labor Party’ however this was recently changed to better reflect the parties position.

Founded in 2022, the party is a party which supports smaller government, with less policies and “taking government out of government.” Their core focus policies are:

  • Second Amendment Rights
  • Policies for the Working Class
  • Cutting Government Excess

The Liberty Party has one sitting representative, who will not be contesting their seat

  • Hudson Welsh (SALP)

Lieutenant Governor Karmen McKenzie is a member of the Liberty Party.

The Anti-Authority party is a party established by former Representative and current Chief of Staff Kash Keller. The party doesn’t have any sitting representatives or has any candidates for the upcoming election. Their core policies in the last special election were:

  • Governmental Deregulation
  • Equitable Social Programs
  • Making society less ‘shitty’

The San Andreas Not a Political Party Party (NAPP) is a ‘protest’ party established by former representative/ former governor James Paxton. While the party is established as such, it’s operating more as a platform to protest the establishment of political parties in the state. “I  ran as an Independent – someone who was staunchly against the concept of Political Parties. I have in recent weeks discovered that it seems being a member of a Political Party is all of the rage – and a movement I did not want to miss out on.” –James Paxton

Their core policy is “We do not have one. […] I think it is a step in the right direction in representing those of us who do not wish to be represented by a normal Political Party.”

The party was formed after the last election and does not have any sitting representatives.

This is the layout of the 3rd Congress of San Andreas, Two candidates (Endeavour Jackson and Hudson Welsh) are either ineligible to run again or are not contesting their seat.

Candidates for the upcoming Election


Karmen McKenzie (SALP)

  • Running Mate: Jacob Wheeler
  • Karmen McKenzie is the current Lieutenant Governor under the Vlad Tod administration and a member of the Liberty Party of San Andreas. McKenzie has been in public life for a number of months now. Appointed under Governor Paxton to the Lieutenant Governor role, she carried out the remainder of that governorship. In the last election she ran with outgoing Governor Vlad Tod and they were elected to office. McKenzie has overseen a wide range of programs from Food Banks to the establishment and operation of the State Library. Has come under recent criticism for sharing “internal” correspondence.

Alice Medlin (Ind.)

  • Running Mate: Earnest Flanagan
  • Medlin is a member of the Park Rangers. Medlin was involved (not as the plaintiff) in a high-profile civil trial where it was stated that a ranger had used a tranquilizer negligent and committed multiple human rights violations.

Daniel White (Ind.)

  • Running Mate: Meryl Ford
  • Dan White is a major public figure in the state, with a long list of credits from TV shows, to hosting and to being a member of Public Works. 
  • Running Mate Meryl Ford is a known public figure who hosts the Blood Night Bouts and has hosted various events across the state. 
  • It’s noted that Bevans Garvey was originally on the candidate docket as the running mate, it’s not yet clear why there was a last minute change. Garvey has been surrounded by controversial statements over the ages, from a criminal trial which cleared Garvey of Animal Cruelty, to the controversial Sprunk Deal, which was administered under Garvey’s

The Progress party will not be presenting a Gubernatorial Candidate this election


Becks Lawson (P)

  • Current Representative and Leader for the Progress Party
  • Has served as a representative in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Congress. Was elected during a special election after the death of Representative Evan Lee (Ind.)

Audrey Storm (P)

  • Current Representative for the Progress Party, was elected after the sudden departure of Representative Grace Stone.

Jordan Malone (P)

  • Current Representative for the Progress Party, was appointed after the resignation of Representative Mohn Nash (Ind.)

James Paxton (NAPP)

  • 3rd Governor of San Andreas and former Legislative member in the 1st Congress.
  • Leader of the Not a Political Party Party

Jericho Delmonta (SALP)

  • Member of the Liberty Party of San Andreas
  • Owner of SecuroServ, a private security business in the state of San Andreas

Caster Taylor (Ind.)

  • Previously appointed a representative in the 2nd Congress after the resignation of impeached representative William Benning
  • Has run in every general election since the the fall election of 2021

Mina Teller (SALP)

  • A ranger in the San Andreas Park Rangers Department. She is a member of the Liberty Party of San Andreas.

Ryyan Avery (SALP)

  • Ryyan Avery is registered as the owner of Ryz & Shine. Notably involved in a large petition to get his ‘janitorial’ position back at Mission Row Police Station. He is a member of the Liberty Party of San Andreas.

Isaiah Miller (Ind.)

  • Freelancing Photographer 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. William Benning

    April 23, 2022 at 11:20 am

    What has San Andreas become when we have a former terrorist running as Governor?

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