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Notice: This op-ed was written by Jack Callow
Op-Eds are contributed to Weazel News by members of the Public and/or political figures and do not represent the opinions of our editorial board.

Why is it so hard to trust? Why does the person to your right only care what you have left? Why has violence only escalated in the city? Why do we only mourn those who we lost? Why do we seek to cut the legs from our neighbors? Who are your neighbors? Do you still love them? Do you still miss them? Have you spoken to your loved ones today? Have you told them you care? Are you thinking about them now? Can you still remember the smiles? The pain and sadness? Can you remember the time you lost your head? The time you split your lips? Can you still not say their name without bile and venom? Do you think they loved you like you did them?

Where does our money go? Where does our money get spent? Why does public works get paid so little? Why do we abuse the ones who are there to protect us? Why do they abuse us in turn? Are we the bad guys? Have we made a toxic cycle that we can no longer cure? Can we try to fix this? Would we even bother? Do you love your fellow person? Why does it change when they have a badge? Why does it change when they wear a mask? Why does it change when they wear a color? Why does it change when they are no longer your lover?

Did you ever dream it would get this bad? Did you ever dream this would be all you had? Are you happy with your life? Are you happy with your things? Are you happy to wake up? Are you sad it might be corrupt? Do we endeavor to smile beyond all hope? Or do we wallow in our own self-doubt and cope? Why do we aim to own it all? Why are some happy with just a phone call? Can you try to understand the person in front of you? Will you judge them because they don’t think like you? What are your hopes, wants, needs, dreams? What were their partner’s dreams, needs, wants, and hopes? Did you kill them? Did you let them live? Do you regret it? Do you revel in it? Did you do it because you had to? Do you even remember their names? The names of the badges collected? The names of the colors buried by those who sought vengeance?

All these questions, and yet I think I have more? Like what exactly happened up in the sandy shores? Why was the plane marked Airforce? Why did it crash in that specific spot? Was this planned to change the station, or was it just a stroke of bad luck? Where did the money come from Key? Where was this allocated from Key? Why can’t you give us an answer to these three questions? What, where, how? What caused the plane to come down? Where did the money come from?

Among these questions, do you see one that’s for you? Do you see one that resonates and makes you think? One that hits too close to home and makes you sick? Please, grant me this one request? Put up all your questions, and never fall behind the rest.

-Jack “Kingfisher” Callow

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1 Comment

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