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Campaign Time: Meet The Candidates

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Los Santos, San Andreas ㅡ The candidates have been certified, and the first political shots of the summer election have been fired. This time around, we have three candidates for governor (with three running mates) and seven candidates vying for five seats on the state legislature. Weazel News has compiled campaign information provided by the candidates themselves to help voters prepare to head to the polls.

This page will be continually updated with more information as the election progresses. Candidates are providing their own information for this article

For Governor

Karly StarkRichard StarrMinJun Kwon
August 1st, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, where she got her degree in Performing Arts, as well as where she went to law school and became a lawyer, as the Managing Partner of Stark Legal; As well as owning her own bar. In early 2022, Karly retired from law, and moved to San Andreas. While she explored several options for careers, she eventually founded OBSIDIAN, a photography and fashion company, as well as working with her wife at Sally’s Surf Shop. She also helps part-time at several businesses throughout the State. She eventually became invested in the politics of the State, and began working with the State Legislature, as well as becoming a member of the San Andreas Major Events Committee at the invitation of Governor McKenzie. Now, she seeks to represent the people of the State of San Andreas as Governor.Richard Starr moved to Los Santos, San Andreas where he received a job at Mount Zonah Security in January of 2022. On March 6th, 2022, Bill H.R. 103 was signed into effect. On April 8th, Starr was appointed as Director of San Andreas Security Services(SASS) and has been in that role since. During his tenure as SASS Director, he has implemented anti-corruption policies to hold everyone in SASS accountable even himself as Director. Richard has worked with Local DOC to assist SASS with a variety of issues such as being assigned a multitude of jobs within the prison in exchange for good behavior and helping increase the overall inmate’s Quality of Life. Starr enjoys the outdoors and is an active Pilot for both Fixed-Wing and Rotorcraft.MinJun “MJ” Kwon, Born in Miami, FL Oct, 15 1992. Raised in a traditional Korean household and forever struggling to find balance between that and fitting in with surrounding world. Eventually moved to Los Santos to seek something for myself, I found myself living in Little Seoul as it reminded me of home, while also getting mixed up in the streets as I struggled to find money and keep myself afloat as to not tuck my tail between my legs and rush back home as a failure. Eventually that all caught up to me as I began getting arrested and falling further down those criminal paths. Eventually I decided I needed to get my life in order, clean myself up and look for more legal avenues to live my life. I’ve worked several jobs through the city and know the struggle of trying to make ends meet while recovering from Mutiny. I’ve started to find my stride, will be looking into my own business in the future, along with assisting those I had worked at or even just a friend in need at their business volunteering time to be sure their employees are doing well and safe if working alone.

For Lieutenant Governor

Yuri DevlinAdrian JaxBlaine Fantana
(awaiting Photo)
Running Mate for Karly Stark
Yuri was born to a single mother who owned a small farm in a small town outside Budapest, Hungary. He would start working on it as soon as he was able to help his mom. When he turned 17, his mom sold the farm so she could move closer to her family. Instead of going with her, he moved to Berlin. He would work in nightclubs and bars for the most of his 10 years there. In early 2021, he moved to San Andreas and shortly joined Vikings MC based in paleto. For almost a year, he dedicated himself to the club, rising to the position of President eventually. During his time with Vikings, he would come to work at, and eventually Co-own Paleto Customs. He has worked there for over a year, and still continues to, to this day. After Vikings closed it’s chapter in San Andreas, Yuri, along with Sally Nailburry and other former Vikings, started the Paleto Property Committee. He still sits on the board of the PPC as it’s President.
Running Mate for Richard Starr
Adrian Jax is from New York, was raised in an orphanage, and has experienced many hardships and challenges in her life due to such, which she has always overcome. She received a degree in Criminal Justice and later her Juris Doctor, and then immediately began working as a Defense Attorney for the next 6 years. She then moved to Los Santos, where she applied for the Department of Justice. She began work on April 1st as a Paralegal and since, has worked her way up to Senior State Prosecutor. Due to her childhood experience and experience as a Defense Attorney, Adrian has always been a strong advocate for proper justice and appropriate charging. She has always done her best to ensure anyone accused of a crime is treated fairly and consistently. Adrian has applied this in her line of work by having charges dropped or changed, by giving the opportunity of rehabilitation through pre-trial diversions, and ensuring Justice is provided to all equally and fairly. In her off time, Adrian enjoys visiting the Little Teapot, going hiking or mountain biking, and spending time with her Fiance.
Running Mate for MinJun Kwon
awaiting information

For State Representative

Cooper BergowitzAtticus GoodmanJoanna Poole
Cooper Bergowitz moved to San Andreas in April of 2021 after being traded between minor league baseball organizations. Ever since Cooper arrived at LSIA, he has been a model citizen that embodies integrity and prosperity. Cooper has worked as a Public Worker since June of last year keeping the streets clear and the vehicles running. Someone who has risked his life for others in the face of adversity many times even in the face of the XF killer, Cooper is a preserver of life and liberty. Cooper is the owner and CEO of exclusive offroad vehicle dealer in San Andreas, Bergowitz Backcountry Autos, and has shown great networking and customer service abilities along with his great staff of employees who keep the business running on a day to day basis. Cooper during his term would like to revisit HR 126, The Public Works Act and HR 127, Intellectual Property Protection Law. Overall, Mr. Bergowitz is an individual you can trust to make the hard decisions that come with State legislature, and someone who will make decisions for the better of all citizens of San Andreas.
Atticus Rayburn Goodman was born and raised in a small Chamberlain Heights apartment. Surrounded by the height of the crack epidemic, the two career choices were to spend majority of his time in Bolingbroke Penitentiary or slave away at Raven Slaughterhouse in the hopes of making ends meet. As most know, prospects are not high for those born on the south side of the tracks in San Andreas. Just another kid bound for the system and to be another statistic. Atticus would find himself being accepted to the University of San Andreas, Los Santos where he completed his undergraduate studies. This success propelled him into a renowned law school in the Southern United States. This time in the South has continued to leave an imprint on the attorney as his time spent in the area can still be heard from his “twang” to the “southern hospitality” many have come to know. Since moving back to San Andreas, Atticus has become proficient in the courtroom and gained notoriety for his zealous defense of his clients no matter the stakes. Atticus was one of the earliest and licensed members of the San Andreas State Bar Association. Atticus has continued to practice within the state, slowing down his private practice to serve as the role of general counsel for a small business. Atticus Goodman is San Andreas through and through. A wonderful success story of a man who pulled himself up by his bootstraps. Atticus Goodman is here to serve as an elected representative for San Andreas and can’t wait to bring San Andreas up by it’s bootstraps, like he has before.A resident of Los Santos for 18 months, Joanna has been around since the opening of Los Santos’ gates. She was in the first San Andreas State Police academy in the State and ended her 9-month career in law enforcement as a Detective Sgt. She had left with a Police Distinguished Service Medal for exceptional service in investigations after the arrest of Nate “The Fertilizer” Shore and Edbert “The Apex Predator” Lowenthal, two high-profile serial killers in the State at the time. Joanna was bar-certified by Chief Justice Andrew McKinley in April of 2021 and assisted in prosecuting both criminals.

After a month-long retirement, Joanna decided to change careers and joined the Public Defender’s Office. After only really seeing things from the perspective of law enforcement, being able to see the opposite side of things and gain a better understanding that sometimes the people’s rights were infringed upon or they were being treated unfairly by the system. Gaining this perspective was really helpful to her growth as a bar-certified lawyer. She continued her law education under the tutelage of State Public Defender Kayla Harlaw and Senior Defender De’Andre Evans.

After a brief return to law enforcement, Joanna was nominated by Governor Karmen McKenzie to serve as the State Attorney of the Department of Justice in March of 2022
Audrey StormRyyan AveryOliver HallBartholomew Thompson
(awaiting Photo)(awaiting Photo)
Audrey Nicole Storm was born August 18, 1987 to Suzanne and Christopher Storm. She has a half-brother, Rex Masterson, whom she is very close with, but lives in Hawaii. Audrey is a former law enforcement officer and nurse, and currently owns Vixen Cabaret and is a manager at Pop’s Diner. With Vixen Cabaret, she hosts community events, such a monthly Bingo Nights, festivals at the Del Perro Pier, and Burlesque shows. She is currently working to form a “Women in Business” Committee with the Chamber of Commerce to help support current and future female-identifying business owners. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, graphic design, video games, and partaking in the jazz cabbage. She can often be found in Paleto or at her office.awaiting informationawaiting informationawaiting information

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