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Kraut & Sons: 2 Kraut 2 Furniture



LOS SANTOS (WZL) — The well-known family business, Kraut & Sons, has announced they are re-opening their doors for a slow start back into normality after the economic crisis of June. As of the 11th, they are currently available for re-installing Automatic Teller Machines for businesses and will begin yard work for private businesses and homes in the near future.

The business, well known for its yard work, has been closed for new requests since April according to a statement from their management:

Due to supply issues, we had to suspend operations on the 1st April ’22 which was a massive hit for the business. We were unable to take on any more jobs and subsequently had to find other jobs that were hiring or dip into our personal savings to get by; however, now that we are able to open up our doors again, albeit for ATMs only, we can finally give the people what they want and help out local businesses. Our suppliers have been able to get ATMs through the ports but we’re still waiting on other things like furniture, hot tubs etc. but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for the business!

Kapi Kraut

If your business needs an Automatic Teller Machine or is looking for furnishings in the future, you can contact Kraut & Sons via the business directory or their website.

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