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What’s Cooking At Street Beefs 9?



Los Santos, San Andreas – Ten fighters entered the ring this week at Street Beefs in the effort to win the $10,000 grand prize. In an event catered by both Burger Shot and Endeavour’s Vineyard, the atmosphere was incredible! Representatives from the winery challenged fighters to drink a bottle of their strongest wine and offered an extra $10,000 prize, but none took up the challenge. Let’s see how the tournament went!


Wee Rab Vs Man Bun

The opening bout of the night featured two men who both decided to strip down to just sneakers and underwear for maximum maneuverability. It was an impressive show of technical skill by both men. The larger man, Wee Rab, had looks that led many members of the crowd to assume he could be quite aggressive, but he fought with respect and patience. Man Bun did the same, however, and turned Wee Rab inside-out for the victory! (Man Bun W)

Wee Rab is obliterated by a haymaker from Man Bun

Banks Vs Schmidt Huxley

Black Woods Saloon’s Liam Banks takes on the eccentric newcomer Schmidt Huxley in the second bout of the night. Members of the crowd mocked Huxley for his red shorts but he took no notice. Both men threw out powerful jabs and uppercuts throughout the fight, but Banks hit just a little harder and a little more often. (Banks W)

Huxley is dropped by Banks

Marcus Woodly Vs Jason Brandt

Street Beefs veteran Marcus Woodly goes up against Burger Shot’s newest employee Jason in a hard-hitting affair. Jason’s co-workers heckled him from the crowd, calling him a “Bitchmade MothaFocker” as well as encouraging him to stomp his opponent while they’re down. This lit a fire under Jason as he seemed determined to win the fight cleanly, giving Woodly plenty of space whenever he was knocked over. Burger Shot staff feared that this kindness may come back to bite him, but he pulled through! (Jason W)

Jason Brandt Burger-Shoots into round 2 with a big KO

Craig Smith Vs Nathaniel

Finalist of last week’s show Nathaniel came into this opening round match with the same energy he did in last week’s finals. Craig Smith appeared to be the underdog early on, seemingly being overwhelmed by Nathaniel’s striking ability and speed. But Craig came back with a vengeance, dodging many of his strikes and hitting back with huge counters. He knocked the former finalist to the ground multiple times before pinning him against the wall and taking Nathaniel down in a similar manner to his defeat in the finals last week. (Craig W)

Craig Smith confidently walks away after Nathaniel is knocked against the back wall.

Roadkill Vs M-Dog

“I know how to dodge now” was a phrase heard by many from M-Dog before the show started this week. After her defeat in the first round last week, she looked for redemption and to show off her newfound dodging ability. Roadkill had other plans, managing to predict many of M-Dog’s dodges and shattering her confidence. Members of the audience had to remind her that she needed to evade the punches if she wanted to win, but by this point it was too late. (Roadkill W)

M-Dog is rocked by Roadkill

Round 2

Banks Vs Man Bun

These two fighters knew each other very well. Before the fight, one of them let the crowd know they are members of the same motorcycle club, but Man Bun is simply a prospect. There’s no better way to prove yourself to your superior than to beat them in a fight! Both men hit hard, fast and with a great deal of respect. Man Bun tried his best to land a hook with the level of power that took down Wee Rab, but Banks had it scouted and brought Man Bun to his knees in what Banks declared was a very close fight! (Banks W)

Man Bun loses by a hair

Craig Smith Vs Jason Brandt

In perhaps the fastest fight in Street Beefs history. Craig took out Jason with a swift strike to the head. A disappointing second outing for Burger Brandt compared to his first-round performance, but they can’t all be barnburners! (Craig W)

Roadkill Vs Legs (Stand in)

Speaking of barnburners, this fight was declared by many to be the match of the night! As with last week, in a 10 person tournament it is required for one fighter to face a stand-in in the second and potentially third rounds. If they are eliminated, the stand-in does not continue and we go straight to the finals. Oftentimes in Street Beefs the stand-in had lost in the previous round but Legs was FRESH and came at Roadkill as if he was fighting for $100,000. Both fighters were brought to the ground on numerous occasions. At one point it seemed like there would be a double knockout, both they both kept powering through and getting back up. Eventually, Legs got Roadkill up against the wall and overwhelmed her with a flurry of strikes. (Legs W)

Roadkill is overwhelmed against the wall and eliminated from the tournament

Final Fight

Banks Vs Craig Smith

A good, clean fight from both finalists this week. Both men shook hands at the start of this fight and fought with an extreme amount of respect. Smith was especially honorable, apologizing for kicking Banks while he was down, which is an accepted and often encouraged move in Street Beefs, as well as offering up a free hit to Banks. This kindness was not to be mistaken for weakness as many had Craig penciled to win this fight, bringing Banks to the ground with a thunderous blow. However, to the amazement of the whole crowd he managed to recover! Banks gained a second wind after taking this strike and fought back with a big combination of jabs and heavy swings to take home the winner’s purse of $10,000! (Banks W)

Banks is brought to the ground after taking what many assumed to be a knockout blow
Banks is the winner of Street Beefs 9!

You never know what you’re going to get at Street Beefs! Some weeks the fighters all have something to prove and use any means at their disposal to win. Once again, though, we had a set of clean, technical fights that made the crowd go wild! Congratulations again to Liam Banks for winning the tournament and to “Notorious” Bosco Murphy for winning the $2,000 bonus prize at the post-show free for all!

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