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Blaine County Conglomerate Building Business And Community In The County



Blaine County, San Andreas – If you’ve never been up to the county to visit any of the businesses there, you’re definitely missing out. The Blaine County Conglomerate (BCC) is here to show the citizens of San Andreas there’s more to the state than the city of Los Santos. They believe the county is extremely underserved and lacks effective government support for businesses and residents.

With this in mind, they’re actively working on bringing opportunities to increase awareness of these issues. In the past they’ve worked with numerous businesses, mentoring and providing capital to help them stand on their own. These include San Andreas stalwarts such as:

  • Handlebar Haven
  • Harmony Repair
  • Route 68 Roadhouse
  • Wayward Tattoos

The Blaine County Conglomerate is a group of entrepreneurs who work together to provide businesses located in the county with funds, employees, and action plans to make them successful. They connect people with other businesses who import products, do graphic design, and even help out with capital to cover these import fees. With all this in mind, the conglomerate doesn’t ask for any money in return until the business is flourishing and able to support itself.

The BCC is working with The Lost MC to host 2 events in the near future:

Drag Race and Car Raffle at the Sandy Shores Airfield

Entry for the drag race is $1000 per entrant and will take place on the Sandy Shores Airfield. Event organizers are working with SAFA to temporarily shut down the runway for the duration of the races. The competition will be bracket style, with first place winning $25,000 and second place taking home $10,000.

Additionally, there’s a raffle being held for a fully upgraded Ubermacht SC1, which is $200,000 stock at the Benefactor Ddealership in West Vinewood. Raffle tickets cost $1000/ticket with a maximum of 15 tickets/person available. 

Food will be provided by Route 68 Roadhouse for this event.

Parking is available at the airfield, and it’s been requested that everyone not participating in the race please park at the valet near the trailer next to the hangar. Please direct any questions regarding the festivities via call or text to 065-495-6054.

Valet at Sandy Shores Airfield

Bike Night at Handlebar Haven

There’s a raffle being held for a fully upgraded Zombie Chopper, normally available for $17,000 stock at Handlebar Haven in Grapeseed. Upgrades to the raffle bike were provided by The Lost MC and Vinewood Self Storage. Raffle tickets cost $500/ticket with a maximum of 5 tickets/person available.

Food will be provided by Route 68 Roadhouse, and there will be live music at this event.

Parking is available around the corner from Handlebar Haven in Grapeseed, and guests not participating in the bike contest are expected to leave vehicles with the valet located in the driveway next to the fruit stand in Grapeseed. Please direct any questions regarding this event via call or text to 069-850-2604.

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