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Shocking Police Negligence as Two Citizens Run Over Outside MRPD



Author’s Note/Disclaimer: The wronged parties in this article have chosen to maintain their anonymity. These matters are also subject to potential ongoing legal proceedings and therefore information in this article should not be taken as admission or accusation of a crime.

Two Los Santos citizens have been left feeling let down by the very people sworn to protect and serve their communities in a recent incident outside of Mission Row Police Department. 

Video obtained by Weazel News shows the harrowing events that unfolded outside of MRPD on 14th August 2021. Having gathered to admire the various impressive vehicles on display outside of the station, one person was crossing in front of the police department parking lot when he was allegedly struck by a BCSO liveried Camero.

Rather than stop or even ask after the welfare of the individual who had been hit by his vehicle, the officer drove on, seemingly striking a second individual who had taken out his camera to record the traffic accident. 

Even after striking this second individual, and sending him flying out into the street, the officer simply sped off into the streets of the Los Santos night. It should be noted however, that the officer involved did not seem to be responding to a call, since neither his lights nor sirens were activated. 

To add insult to obvious injury, a public works tow truck that was behind the Camero also chose not to help the stricken individuals but instead shouted out of the cab to get up, before driving around to use the entrance gates to the parking lot and also disappearing off without rendering aid. 

The alleged victims of this hit and run are represented by Murdock Law. 

More to follow on this story as it unfolds. At the time of going to press, Weazel News had twice tried reaching out to LSPD/BCSO for comment but neither department was available. 

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