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Government Holds the First Town Hall for All to Ask Questions



LOS SANTOS (WZ) — Friday the government followed through with their promise to hold a monthly Town Hall with the first of many events.

Last month the Government enacted H.R. 15 the Town Hall Resolution. It states “This resolution will promise the citizens of the state a monthly town hall in which State Government Officials will provide updates on the state and will allow the public an opportunity to engage with these officials.” On the 16th they kept this promise and held the first official town hall event. 

The full town hall conference can be found here, it was attended by multiple representatives from government departments and the entire legislature. 

[Link to Town Hall]

Initial Updates in Summary

  • The Judiciary
    • They are updating the Bar Exam and making some changes to the Bar Association.
    • Pleased with the first major Jury trial taking place earlier this week.
  • Department of Justice and Public Defenders 
    • Is looking for new recruits.
    • Has raised issues that they are heavily understaffed and have long hours with the small amount of staff they have.
  • San Andreas Park Rangers
    • States they are in the home stretch for the park rangers being fully operational.
    • In about a week from this conference the training process for new recruits should begin.
  • Los Santos Police Department
    • States patrols have been increased across the Greater Los Santos region.
    • Announced that two serial killers have been taken of the streets with one receiving the death penalty in court earlier this week.
    • Dispatcher positions are available, please use the standard application process in order to apply.
  • Chamber of Commerce
    • Announced there is a total of one-hundred and sixty three active businesses and seventy-four licensed premises.
    • States a majority of the business systems for business management have been set up with only a couple remaining in the ‘interview’ stage.
    • Information finding has become easier on the government portal for the Chamber.
    • A board of commissioners instead of a sole commissioner is being looked at.
    • A new office for the Chamber of Commerce has been established.
  • San Andreas Medical Services
    • Asks people to get emergency contacts set up at Mt Zonah reception.
    • Medical Services are hiring for a range of positions from reception all the way to neurologists.
  • San Andreas Flight Administration 
    • Chief Pilot Jack Callow will step down to Check pilot to ensure there is flowing rotation in leadership. He is very proud of what has been accomplished since its establishment.
    • Private aircraft purchasing and storage is now available.
  • Secretary of State
    • Notary training will be available in the coming weeks for people who want to help the legal process of San Andreas continue.

Town Hall Questions in Summary

Questions for the Department of Justice 

  • Have any investigations been opened because of Eli Goodman’s allegations in his resignation?
    • At this stage, no investigations have opened and any of his allegations have been unfounded because they have no evidence.
  • An exclusive report to Weazel News alleges that an internal investigation into the Medical Services Department by the Department of Justice has been ignored after the report suggested that members of the leadership be terminated because of “corruption and unethical practices?”
    • We are unable to comment publicly on ongoing investigations, there have been some inquiries by the Justice Department for some of the goings-on inside the Medical Services. ‘Nothing is being ignored.’ It’s not in the Department of Justices power to remove anyone from a position.

Questions for the Park Rangers

  • Is the timeline laid out of the beginning of formal operations definitive? 
    • It’s not too definite but we are looking to begin operations by August.
  • What interest has been shown in applications?
    • Ninety-one applications for the position in the Park Rangers were made.
  • How does this department plan to combat the ‘epidemic’ of mountain lion attacks?
    • Plans are going to be in place to combat attacks, with patrols to keep an eye on hunters and working with EMT’s to assist with mountain lion incidents.

Questions for Law Enforcement

  • Are there any further updates with the investigation into the death of Representative Evan Lee?
    • No further updates however, hopefully in the future we can give updates if the investigation has progressed further enough.
  • Any information about the reemergence of the ‘Apex Predator?’
    • No specific updates, however steps are being taken to combat these ‘troublemakers’ and a better strategy “to grab them.”
  • Where is the BCSO? Citizens have complained they are not in the county at all
    • The county is a large place and a lot of the time they are having to assist the Los Santos Police Department where crime rates are higher.

Questions for the Chamber of Commerce

  • The Los Santos Business Owners Alliance/Lobby is having a meeting outside their officers tomorrow, what is your general opinion?
    • Wants it at a better venue however power to them “I guess.”
  • How is the process going for background checks for Business Owners, based on previous complications has it improved?
    • Background checks still have to be done via a legal authority such as the District Attorney Office or the Police.

Questions for the Medical Services

  • Someone waited forty-seven minutes for an Ambulance to arrive, what is being done about response times?
    • Typically slow response times are due to lack of availability or other higher priority situations occurring at the same time. We urge people if we can’t make it to your call to use local EMS facilities.
  • Any plan to update the HIPPA release system
    • The system is quite simple at the moment, you file a form and the report is sent to you in a timely manner.

Questions for the San Andreas Flight Authority

  • People have complained at how low the Police Department is flying their helicopters, can anything be done about this?
    • We can’t restrict their altitude as it’s going to make their operations extremely difficult however, if you find any pilot including a police pilot flying in a dangerous manner, record it, and report it to the flight authority.
  • Is there an investigation open into a crash on top of the Mission Row Police Station the day before the town hall?
    • The Flight Authority is not aware of such an incident, when the police forward any information regarding it the Flight Authority will begin it’s investigation.
  • Will there be a formal ‘NTSB’ taskforce for SAFA in the future
    • If you are interested in assisting the Flight Authority set up a dedicated investigation branch, talk to the Chief Pilot.

Questions for the Secretary of State

  • Voters who voted for Bradstock, not the campaign itself, have called election fraud in this latest election, are you aware of or investigating the certain claims.
    • We haven’t heard any reports of voting fraud in this latest election, if you have any concerns please raise them.
    • Political polls don’t always align with the actual voting outcome.
    • If concern citizens want to check if their vote was counted accordingly and correctly that can be arranged.

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