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Summer 2021 Special Election

Political Watch: Day Two of the Campaign

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LOS SANTOS (WZ) — Today was peaceful in comparison to Day 1; no major twitter feuds, just campaigning, and it seems like the candidates are all getting vans. 

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise.

The Campaigning today was civilized compared to yesterday, Kash Keller by far is winning in the public reception column with his hashtag trending on twitter for most of the day and having endorsements and events all over the shop. In Paleto, a “Kash Keller Happy Hour” was held at the Black Woods Saloon and is making a return tomorrow.

Two candidates have gone ahead and invested money into buying campaign vans. 

Knowing who to vote for can be hard and with so many policies and ideas we decided to ask Eleven candidates the same eight questions picked by people we asked on the street;

  1. Why do you want to run for State Representative?
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. How are you going to help stop robberies and violent crime in the State of San Andreas?
  4. How are you going to promote good Business Practices in the State?
  5. What is your position on Marijuana Usage?
  6. Will and how will you reform the police in order to prevent Corruption and Police Brutality?
  7. Where do you stand on the legalization of Class 2 weapons?
  8. How will you promote EMS response times in the state?

We were unable to contact some candidate or never received a response in time

Here is how they Responded to each of the questions;

Please Note: All the responses given here are paraphrased ideas from the actual response given. Anything that is a direct quote, is quoted “” as such.

Question 1

“Why do you want to run for State Representative?”

Anders KristiansenWants people to give everyone the chance to be represented, as a Mt Zonah Medical Center worker he understands the issues and has talked to people from all walks of life.
Becks LawsonThis city has so much potential but if feels like we are often divided. I want to help build bridges and make a united city for everyone to share.
Cearious Aphelicance“I’m sick of the lack of representation for us country folk, What in sam hill is going on at the city capital. Y’all got state rep who ain’t done nothing then ups and dies. If that ain’t some shady whats for.”
Charlie BradstockIs looking to run for state representative as I intend to rectify a number of issues present within the state. I want accountability for all departments, and to change firearm laws.
Jacob WheelerAs a successful business owner he can make actionable change to improve the lives of citizens and businesses. Seen a number of issues which have gone unchecked whether it be to lack of resources and staffing, lack of time.
Jorge Paxton “The main reason that I want to run for State Representative is because I have built a career of helping people. My entire private and professional life has focused on uplifting the downtrodden and protecting peoples rights. I have done this through my rulings on the Appellate Court of San Andreas.”
Josh FordAs a judge, has seen this side of the system which people dislike, having the experiences and knowledge of the behind the scenes of the government. Want to make sure every side is heard regardless of what they do in this state.
Kash KellerTo be the unorthodox candidate.
Mohn NashRunning on the platform to empower those who feel they are being overlooked by the government by giving them the power to create and vote on their own laws.
Simon RouillardWants to run to prove Charlie Bradstock that anyone can run for state representative even business owners in competition.
William BenningSays he is qualified because “I’m a man of the people… people have been neglected and they go the criminal route, I want to help them out.”

Question 2

“What is your favorite food?”

Anders KristiansenKaesespaetzle (German Mac-n-Cheese)
Becks LawsonA Roast
Cearious AphelicanceFresh sausage gravy with/or bacon, some brown eggs, potatoes, and onion
Charlie BradstockSteak au Poivre and secondly Sushi
Jacob WheelerPrince Street pizza, from SoHo in Liberty City. 
Jorge Paxton wood-oven cooked pizza.
Josh FordCannoli from Big Papa’s in Mission Row.
Kash Keller‘Probably a very large and obtusely-rolled blunt’
Mohn NashCajun Chicken Linigi Alfredo from Red Lobster
Simon RouillardPoutine 
William BenningAny Italian Food

Question 3

“How are you going to help stop robberies and violent crime in the State of San Andreas?”

Anders KristiansenInstead of focusing on negative punishment, positive encouragement  and reinforcement should be used. Encourage robbers that there are better, legal ways of making a living.
Becks Lawson1: Understand why crime occurs 2: Address Unemployment to help people avoid committing crimes for financial reasons 3: De-escalation looking at policies which can de escalate the criminal situation across the state.
Cearious AphelicanceEducation focused on Minimal initial entrance skill work. Rehabilitation while in prison and offer better sentencing options for lesser crimes.
Charlie BradstockBy addressing and increasing legal gun ownership, it will help reduce the likelihood of individuals being robbed. Increasing police funding will help prevent violent crimes.
Jacob WheelerWe have a serious gun issue in the state, there is a drivers licence course for people who have lost their licence but no gun safety training course for felons who have lost their firearms licence. 
Jorge Paxton Continue to work with the police to stop these vile, criminal acts and proposal of a Fair Employment Act. Finally passing a Bill of Rights.
Josh FordCreating a coordinated approach for intervening early in their criminal career. Dealing with the issue before it occurs. Reforming the prison system so it’s more reforming and rehabilitating, rather than preventative. An example is a mechanic workshop, so these people can take their certificate to a business and get a paying job.
Kash Keller“I’m just gonna tell people not to because lots of youth and s**t look up to me.”
Mohn Nash“If the police or the citizens of San Andreas see a gap in the legal system that is allowing for violent crimes to slip by and go unnoticed, my goal is to help champion change through listening to them and supporting their ideas through new legislation that is either proposed by the SR team and by private citizens alike.”
Simon RouillardLegalize pot, spatulas, frying pans and all the other cooking utensils. Start our own military force with clones of anyone with a New Zealand accent and Asking nicely the gangs of South Los Santos to stop doing crime because it might just work.
William BenningPenalties in the city are light, I believe drug offences are quite low. If we raise them there will be less inclination to crime. Introducing more regular jobs that pay well.

Question 4

“How are you going to promote good Business Practices in the State?”

Anders KristiansenLowering Commerce fees and maintaining accountability and preventing business corruption from desperation.
Becks LawsonInfrastructure and Transparency for Business Grants and Application times, Investors investing in local businesses.
Cearious AphelicanceHire more for the chamber of commerce, “They right now like elusive overworked ghosts.” Organize a monthly get together of business owners.
Charlie BradstockWorking closely with the chamber of commerce to implement anti-monopoly laws and expand grands and funding for new and established businesses.
Jacob WheelerImproving the relationship between the Chamber of Commerce and business owners. A need for proper regulation, and legislation to further define, and in some cases where necessary, restrict the powers that the Chamber of Commerce has over business owners, and regulating business conducted in the cityThe chamber of commerce has done amazing work but needs improvement.
Jorge Paxton Implementation of the Fair Employment Act. Bolstering business to better relate to the role of employee and employer. The goal here will ensure that workers rights are protected and that business can flourish to continue to create good paying jobs.
Josh FordIntroducing a streamlined Chamber of Commerce process to improve upon it’s success. Help keep everyone on the same page and make the workload lighter and easier for the chamber. Business Advertising becomes more centralised and very available. Creating a Job Centre to help people get recruited at all hours. 
Kash KellerContinue to support the Chamber of Commerce to continue it’s work. 
Mohn Nash“Ear to the ground, listening for problems with the current state of business in our fine state. At the end of the day, my goal is to give a voice to the people by allowing them to vote on changes that affect their everyday lives.”
Simon RouillardA personal priority to make it so Chamber of Commerce have to pay taxes to the businesses owners.
William BenningI believe that we should have job fairs/expos and businesses should be encouraged to work together and rely on each other.

Question 5

“What is your position on Marijuana Usage?”

Anders KristiansenMarijuana should be legalized and taxed much like tobacco and alcohol are now.
Becks LawsonSafe and Accessible Marijuana Dispensaries should be legal.
Cearious Aphelicance“I fully support it as long as it ain’t so much it impacting your tractor or truck driving.”
Charlie BradstockNo issue with marijuana, understand there can be health benefits. Should remain regulated like other substances such as alcohol.
Jacob WheelerNo issue with the legal status of Marijuana and its recreational use in theState. Providing law abiding citizens over the age of 21 with the ability to recreationally consume Marijuana reduces petty and violent crimes surrounding the illegal drug trade and aim to provide necessary tax revenue for the State of San Andreas. 
Jorge Paxton Supportive of marijuana legalization and would never vote to criminalize it.
Josh FordNo issue with marijuana usage, you can use it as it’s your right to use it. It’s position legally shouldn’t change. However amendments should be made to ensure dispensaries operate safely.
Kash Keller“Yes.”
Mohn Nash“Want it legalized? Vote on it.”
Simon RouillardAll for legalization.
William BenningNo issues using marijuana as long as they are not harmful in using it, no driving with it or other dangerous activities.

Question 6

“Will and how will you reform the police in order to prevent Corruption and Police Brutality?”

Anders KristiansenIntroduction of required Body Cams and the introduction of a independent civilian based review board.
Becks LawsonAdjust police job delegation and Incorporate Social Services to take some of the police’s responsibility. If police didn’t have to deal with people who are hungry, tired or homeless and that was delegated to social services the job would be less stressful. Examine the root of the issue regarding brutality and corruption. 
Cearious AphelicanceBetter training for officers, more Internal Affairs and Public Relations roles inside the police. “You got people like that Bobby Martindale who been with that surgeon general lady. So makes you question how far they went is she involved she got the biggest connections in the State doesn’t she.”
Charlie BradstockKeeping law enforcement responsible and all government departments by setting up means for government departments to conduct investigations into each other.
Jacob Wheeler“I will not stand for corruption in any capacity – and should proof of such be brought to me then I would act on it with whatever means I have at my disposal as State Representative.” The implementation of body cameras “would serve to PROTECT, the rights of everyone who interacts with Police officers.”
Jorge Paxton Creating a Bill of Rights that will enshrine inalienable rights for the citizens of San Andreas. There is a serious disconnect in government that the right to be free from arbitrary search and seizure, or unlawful detainment for example, are not explicitly protected in our ‘general laws.’ 
Josh FordIntroduction of an auditing system at the state level, making this a system for reporting corruption in any of the departments at any level of government. Making reporting more accessible and available at all hours. Police should de-prioritize small and minimal offences such as Jaywalking and Music. A Civilian oversight structure for reporting police brutality. Deadly Force should only be authorized for imminent threats in order to protect life and when all other reasonable alternatives are used. Introduction of Mandatory reporting for serious injuries caused by police or acted upon police. 
Kash KellerWe need to hold interventions with cops when they misbehave, “like Chris Solace or whatever.” As long as they do the job “I  guess they’re cool or whatever but I’m not the hugest fan.”
Mohn NashTransparency in government is a huge issue in this fine state. Police and citizens alike would all benefit from a more open executive branch. Introducing new legislation that enables transparency from all government agencies and officials that everyone in the state would have a chance to vote on if they saw benefit from that proposal. Communication between everyday citizens and police needs to be promoted, not ignored. Making a few police SOPs surrounding traffic stops and searches publicly available.
Simon Rouillard“Start our own military force with clones of anyone with a New Zealand accent, this military force will replace some of the police’s jobs. This military will also invade Canada and Annex Australia.”
William BenningNot all sectors have corruption however, we need to have a special division inside the DOJ to review any complaint made. Police can’t police their own. 

Question 7

“Where do you stand on the legalisation of Class 2 weapons?”

Aleks Ivanov People do a good enough job of shooting each other with the class 1 firearms as it is. I am against the legalization of class 2 weaponry 
Anders Kristiansen
Becks LawsonBefore Class 2 weapons are legalized we need to look at the infrastructure around guns, it’s premature to legalize without frameworks.
Cearious AphelicanceThe federal government has made it very clear this will not be allowed in our State. 
Charlie BradstockCandidate is extremely Pro-Firearm, First action is to bring SA gun laws upto the Federal Standard, has no issue with Class 2 or Class 3 weapons being owned by citizens as long as they are following the federal law guidelines. Restrictions should remain for Short Barreled rifles and shotguns due to their high risk
Jacob Wheeler“Class 2 weapons capable of firing in an automatic firing mode, or otherwise illegally modified such as sawed-off shotguns, serve no purpose in an otherwise civilized society… …I do, however, see a benefit in providing law-abiding citizens who possess a valid weapons license, the ability or opportunity to take instructional courses or rent rifles and shotguns in a controlled, supervised capacity in a licensed business such as a gun range.”
Jorge Paxton I will never vote to support the legalization of class 2 weapons.
Josh FordPersonally, I don’t want legalization. “They are not necessary currently and it would be more of a risk to everyone.”
Kash KellerIs fine with the legalization of class 2 weapons.
Mohn Nash“Want it legalized? Vote on it.”
Simon Rouillard“We will abolish the laws of gravity and abolish all the other laws of physic so guns will be irrelevant” 
William BenningNo one needs class two weapons at this time.

Question 8

“How will you promote EMS response times in the state?”

Anders KristiansenEMS does the best it can already, but there are usually only a handful of available EMTs at a time. If EMS is properly staffed, I would look into opening more stations that they can stage at rather than being forced to be in Zonah. This results in abnormally long response times in BC. 
Becks LawsonIncrease funding, drafting laws to protect the Medical Service, incentives for EMS.
Cearious Aphelicance“This is a question for surgeon general and chiefs of ems, really. Yall got problems. Tell her in an email her be complaining to her in person. If she is ignoring you, go and talk to the governor. This is a very hard thing to deal with because it depends on the time of day and how violent people are during that shift… I would like to see a push for more helicopter rescue stuff which I think they are working on.”
Charlie BradstockEncouraging more people to apply by increasing pay, addressing department ineffectiveness. Firing those who have failed to show up to work after an extended period of time (without reason.) Provide administrative space for more who intend to work to be hired.
Jacob Wheeler“I do not currently see the issue surrounding EMS response times as being one that is a rampant problem. The problem lies in the currently available medical supplies in our stores that citizens have access to… …We do not have access to better bandages and base medical supplies – and if those supplies were accessible in retail stores, it would reduce the number of calls coming in to our EMT’s”
Jorge Paxton Continuing to fund EMS appropriately and giving them access to state of the art vehicles could assist in response time and would meet with EMS and understand their concerns so that I can better work to address the issues they are experiencing in recruitment and response times.
Josh FordAllow EMS to actively patrol instead of always running from a Station or the Hospital Making them more accessible. Increasing the amount of dispatchers to help with efficiency.
Kash Keller“That’s not really a thing reps do, but like they totally can hire more EMS and continue to build their department or whatever. Ideally less people need to get hurt or whatever so maybe state-funded ice-pack excursions?”
Mohn Nash“The EMS works very hard to serve everyone fairly in this state. If response times are just a matter of lack of staff available, then encouraging hiring could be a solution to this problem. If lack of interest in working as an EMS is an issue, looking at further incentives to be a member of the EMS is definitely a possibility.”
Simon RouillardChange the uniform of the nurses at Mount Zonah for a sexy skirt, men included, this “will” improve recruitment. We will also make it a felony to not eat your vegetables so health will improve. 
William BenningEMS response times can be improved by stationing in places all over the state, instead of just at Mt Zonah. Doctors also in other rural areas.

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